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Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Slings

A wire rope sling is only as good as its end termination. To produce a safe and reliable wire rope sling involves more than just ‘having a press’, a length of wire rope and fittings. Since 1972 Madras Hardtools Pvt Ltd has manufactured wire rope lifting slings and we are proud to have an impeccable safety record.Our testing equipment is approved by the Inspector of Factories, Director General and Chief Inspector Dock Safety for conduction load tests by a certified competent person. Our slings meet local and international performance standards and can custom and design a sling to suite your applications with professionals having a sound technical expertise. Our engineers can visit your locations and suggest the right sling for your applications.

Facilities include:

A fully equipped sling unit with the latest state of art technology comprising proof load testing machine up to 300 tons, Hydraulic splicing machines (500 Tons, 1000 Tons and 3000 Tons) capable of splicing up to 120 MM Dia wire rope, stock of end terminal to suite your applications.

Over the years, we have developed technical expertise and have a skilled man force capable of making Hand spliced wire rope slings, endless grommet, long splice, Flemish Eye splicing, Cable laid slings and special type slings as per customer requirement.

Our Products are duly certified by LLoyds, ABS, IRS, API, CGS, RITES, BHEL, KIOCL, SAIL, BEML, QUEST

Special slings